There's a girl Who gives away her favorite chocolate to the poor child Just because she is taught so She is a human because she she mild... There's a teen boy He thinks he is a complete dude Just because he does not care about anyone's sentiments He is a human because he is rude...... Continue Reading →



Before that morning.... I find you, sometimes in the layers of days, sometimes in the dilemma of twilight, sometimes in the vicinity of the night, sometimes in the petrichor of the rain, in the morning. The morning, before which it rained all night. The night, which I have passed, feeling the droplets of rain falling... Continue Reading →


"Time is a great teacher," I had heard this thing from my elders and those who had lived half of their lives, but this thing seemed so typical to me at that time. Now, I am here recalling the same thing... Anyways, I dont know what other duties this "time" performs, but for me it... Continue Reading →


  Tears will not come when you miss a person, It comes when you don’t want to miss a person. The heart feels light when someone is in it but it feels very heavy when someone leaves it. A heart dies when it is not able to share it’s feelings... But A hurt kills itself... Continue Reading →


  A wish, To make a change, To make a difference, To 'heal the world', To see a better tomorrow, To plant a tree, To do something for the poor, To lend a helping hand, To stand beside every Man, To stop injustice done to man, To stand up for humanity, To love every human,... Continue Reading →


  What to write, What to feel, The head is there, Yet I kneel. To write about birds, To write about beasts. To write about followers, To write about priests. What to write, When thoughts collapse. The symphony of crowd, The solitude in lapse. Writing hit a wall, Smeared with graffiti all over. Go back... Continue Reading →

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